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Most of the humans who have ever lived are lost to the sands of time. The stories of the ages are passed down to us as fragmentary myths, shorn of context. Primordial bonfire songs are all we have left, mutated into legends of gods and monsters. Writing came next, capturing precious few. We know the names and thoughts of a few great men and women, but the rest are erased by time’s inevitable march. This is the tale of human history.

We Will Survive the Present

Until now. Until the information age. The crucial, defining commodity of our modern times, like stone, bronze, and iron before it. Now, the lives of most humans on the plant crash onto the great digital shore humanity has arrived at. Unfiltered, messy, and relentless, our personal data – our life stories – pours into this new panoramic tapestry, whether we want it to or not. 

We must now think about how we will be remembered. How will future generations perceive us? We leave more indentations in the pages of our history than ever before. What do we want our children and grandchildren to read there?

How Bank of Memories Helps Us Define Our Legacy

Bank of Memories is a way for people to craft their digital history and reaffirm their identity in the wake of the first impact of the information age. It’s a way to take back control of the information which flows through social networks, often out of their control. Rather than a public social network, Bank of Memories is a private family network, accessible only to the select few. It’s a fun arena where people can check in on their nearest and dearest.

Bank of Memories leverages blockchain technology to decentralise data storage and ensure private data is kept just that – private. It integrates with top-tier decentralised storage options like Filecoin and Arweave to provide its services. Bank of Memories is a user-focused dApp that helps individuals and families curate digital memories for their loved ones, both present and future, to see, interact with and, when the time comes, take ownership of.

This includes writing time capsule messages to the future, writing blockchain-certified wills, and transmitting your digital assets safely to future generations. This includes NFTs. These NFTs may be valuable pieces of art, or personal creations passed on for pure sentimental value. 

Why NFTs Might Hold Generational Wealth

However, just as likely, they may be smart contracts that exert digital ownership over metaverse property and stakeholdings in DAOs, among much else. It’s beyond the scope of this article to go into quite how that future will play out, but suffice to say transferring digital ownership to your children will become an essential procedure as you approach old age, and Bank of Memories will act as a hub to manage that process. 

Bank of Memories has grander aspirations than just being an inheritance project. Whereas the modern social networks are a polluted, disorganised jumble of data and communication, Bank of Memories aims to be the opposite: a safe, clean, tidy, and curated space for families and precious friends to interact. 

On each profile, users can see the memories and NFTs that a user is choosing to leave to the future and to their family. The information stored may be sentimental or have massive intrinsic value, both are safe within Bank of Memories vaults. Bank of Memories will have a Family Tree feature to help users authentically connect, a smart storage service that allows for easy import of the data you want to save and share, and an AI helper to help categorise and present that data.

Why Decentralisation is Essential for Data Storage

Many of these types of services already exist through centralised providers operating in the web2 space. Yet when you’re talking in generational terms, who’s to say the agreement you had with your provider sustains the test of time? Maybe the company changes hands, their server data is breached, or the company folds – all perhaps after you’ve already gone. Decentralisation, as long as adoption continues at the rate it is, has the ability to transcend the perils of custody-over-time, as the network is always being sustained by new entrants as the years go by. 

Decentralised storage removes the prospect of a single point of failure for the safekeeping of data, and ensure that data is not tampered with or altered, thanks to the inviolable nature of the blockchain. One of the certainties of the future is that as this millenia progresses, digital file storage will continue to become more decentralised, thanks to the security, transparency, and efficiency such a network offers. Bank of Memories aims to be at the forefront of the ever-growing cloud and decentralised storage market, offering a bespoke private family network family tree and inheritance features to make best use of that data.

The protocol also has a token, $GBM, which is used to pay for services alongside data storage. Family members can also use it to send gifts to one another. In keeping with the decentralised goal, any user can become a keeper and validator for the network and keep everyone’s memories safe, and earn $GBM for doing so.

A Global Bank of Memories, For All Time

The importance of, and our awareness of, our digital footprint continues to grow. Bank of Memories offer a place for the crypto-attuned generation to pass on their generational wealth, whether that be through NFTs, smart contracts, or crypto. It also acts as a private family network for your nearest and dearest to visualise and sample the things for which you want to be remembered, and a hub through which they can interact and take part in those memories. The internet has made who we are a commodity, and Bank of Memories provides a safe place where you can store it. Their project is growing, and you can follow their Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, or download the app and enter the Bank of Memories for yourself.

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