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DogeBeer is a Defi platform and crypto beverage company that provides investors with a passive income from product sales, bar licenses, staking, and NFTs.

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Dubai, UAE, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Join DogeBeer Presale before it is too late!

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DogeBeer is a DeFi platform and crypto beverage company that provides investors with a passive income from product sales, bar licenses, staking, and NFTs. Their main goals are to distribute crypto-related beverages globally and integrate bar NFT franchise licenses for new crypto Metaverse projects.

The key success for DogeBeer is the original beer that will be sold at the online store and distributed worldwide. The beer has big potential to become well-known for the interesting components that you can’t find in any other beer. These factors can help the project to bring more organic investors that will find the products at their local shops.

The team is dedicated to making DogeBeer a global brand by:

• Making investments for holders profitable by creating a successful beer business

• Integrating the DogeBeer label, bar licenses, and NFTs in the Metaverse

• DeFi staking pools for earning rewards and generating passive income

The development team members are new Metaverse project experts who have a wide background in WEB3, Blockchain technology, and the beverage business. Also, they are ready to use their skills and experience for project growth.


• Total Supply: 420,000,000

• Locked Tokens: 60%

• Public Sale: 17.5%

• Burned Tokens: 15%

• DeFi Platform: 5%

• Pre-seed Sale: 2.5%

• Locked Tokens: 60%


DogeBeer is focused on building partnerships with new Metaverse projects, strategic partners, and beer manufacturers to increase the exposure of the brand. They make new collaborations with other successful NFT and crypto projects. The team is confident that with the help of partners, they will be able to gain more exposure and attract new investors.

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